13 Secrets from The Secret History of Twin Peaks

A few months ago, I read The Secret History of Twin Peaks, and here are some of my favorite things I learned along the way.

  1. When the Log Lady was seven, she and two other kids went on a nature walk. They thought they were gone for an hour, but they were actually gone for a day, with the LL being found near Pearl Lake. When she was found, she had three triangles on the back of her right knee, and she didn’t remember anything. She asked her doctor, Donna’s grandfather (Dan Hayward), if “he thought the owls were coming back.”

  2. Hank’s dad, Elmer Jennings, passed out drunk and drowned in “a steel tub of his basement beer-brewing apparatus.” Hank’s grandfather, Einer, also enjoyed beer and also reported seeing a UFO.

  3. r. Lawrence Jacoby’s brother was a newspaper reporter (Twin Peaks Gazette).

  4. Carl Rodd (the third kid abducted with the Log Lady and Henry Stanton’s character on Twin Peaks) also had triangles.

  5. Reverse speech is related to the Illuminati. It is supposed to offer a window into the deepest parts of the unconscious.

  6. Ed Hurley, Hank, Hawk, Harry, and his brother, and Jerry Horne, played football at Twin Peaks High School were undefeated until they lost at state.

  7. The Packards and Martells were rival families until Pete and Catherine got together. The Martells sold their mill to the Packards.

  8. Ed Hurley is James’s uncle.

  9. Andy is a ninth-degree black belt in gossip. “You know, Hawk, I never think of myself as a gossip. I think of myself as an oral historian.”

  10. Hank was fatally knifed in the prison weight room by a distant cousin of the Renault family.

  11. The mayor’s brother, Air Force Colonel Doug Milford, had a UFO/alien encounter. He also became a stealth military lieutenant, working on secret projects, and was a Nixon confidant. He could keep a secret.

  12. Dr. Jacoby was suspended indefinitely from practicing medicine, so he moved back to Hawaii.

  13. Major Briggs took over Colonel Milford’s work.

Written on March 15, 2019